twenty-two ; vagina warrior ; feminist/liberal/atheist
sociology/women’s studies senior ; carbondale, il
proud parent of a cat named danfogelberg ; cheese aficionado

likes: serif fonts, lowercase, feminism, sex, books, my cat, sweet tea, blogging
closed-mindedness, comic sans, illiteracy rates, cheesecake (i know.)

about this site:

Hey! Stuff has started to make sense and come together since I first posted the first description of this blog. I probably should write up some sort of “official” (looking) proposal for the project, but basically:

This blog, write: herself, is serving as the final project for my Introduction to Sexual Diversity Studies class (if you want to know more about the project you can comment or email me at maymyheart AT gmail). It will serve as a way to bring together elements of sexuality and textuality through blogging. I started out on this project through standard paper format, but, as I stated in my proposal email to my teacher:

I got to thinking, though, and realized that the way I was writing the paper felt… incomplete. Here I was writing about “writing your self” and reclaiming language and using standard, unpersonalized research paper formatting.

So! the blog was born. I will most likely write a post on how I started blogging but basically it has consistently been a form of writing that I have felt very comfortable with since high school, making it perfect for this project. Anyway, I plan on drawing upon multiple sources in order to analyze the poet Daphne Gottlieb’s book How Things Burn (2001) because I find her work particularly inspiring as well as sexually charged in many cases. One of the main sources is Helene Cixous, specifically “The Laugh of the Medusa,” in which she encourages the reader to “write your self.” I feel Gottlieb does this quite well, making the pair compatible for this project.

As the subtitle says, this is an experiment, so if anyone (in or outside of our class) happens to read this and would like to know more or give suggestions, please feel free through comments or email. I have been (and plan to continue) posting a variety of different things from poetic analyses to academic quotes to personal statements and poetry inspired by the project. So far, this has been an extremely fun adventure, and hopefully any readers will enjoy it as well!


**Also: For the purpose of this assignment, the term sexuality is used to encompass the combined narrative of sexual histories (/herstories), desires and fantasies (whether acted upon or not), outlooks, preferences, and other interlocking factors that exist on both personal and socially constructed levels.


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  1. I love your site. Keep it up !

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